How it started and where we are now!

How it started and where we are now!

After having my 3rd child, I stived to start a new business. And always dreamed of being able to have my own little boutique. Ok, not always, but if you have ever watched "The Good Witch" on Netflix, you may want to start you own little store, too. 

After coming up with a business name, my husband and dad helped me turn our garden shed that was falling apart in our backyard into a beautiful little she-shed. It only took about 10 days, and you bet by this time I had my sellers permit and was already buying clothing to fill my gorgeous little space.

I was so excited that every day I was doing research to find quality start up vendors. Finding the right vendors was tricky (that's another story for another time). Noone tells you where to start in this industry, it's all on you. Unless of course you're like me and buy a vendor sheet on Etsy. --------> Money wasted; I do not advise it.

For 2 years, I used Facebook as a platform for selling my items. I did not have many sales, but I sure loved the feeling of having my own little space. It was almost like having a huge closet of items that I could never wear. And little did I know, consistently buying over time set me up to have plenty of product to fill most of a store front. 

I hosted outdoor buying events in the summer and often times decorated our little Studio in our garage for product overflow, photo shoots, and events. If I had one to two people show up, I was so happy! 

Overtime I hoped for more. I started searching for available spaces in Belgrade. Unexpectantly the first day I searched, I found something. I asked my husband to do a drive by, and he didn't see much of anything but a mess. I was discouraged, but still hopeful. I messaged the owner, and we found a time to come look at it. The minute I walked in, I had a vision. I loved it. A huge place that I could fix up and make my own. 

My husband did not have the same vision. And I'll give you a little bit of an idea why. When we walked in, the whole place was blue. The ceiling was falling in, one little room with sheet rock only, a BIG freezer in the back, disgusting bathroom (the toilet did not even work), and the floor was dirty and stinky. Honestly, the building was a mess. But I did not care. I saw something he did not. And I wanted it. I made up my mind that day, I just needed to convince my husband to see the same vision I did. 

We worked really hard when we were not working our other jobs. Sometimes 12 to 16 hours a day. Within a month, we had our space fixed up enough that we were ready to have a soft opening. Daily, things were changed, moved around and settling into the correct place. I am thankful for the help of my talented cousin who helped fill spaces, decorated, and brought extra love into our space. 

We had another opening in March where it finally felt like our new space had officially become the proud home of Belle Morn Boutique. All of the questions, concerns, and frustrations went out the window. We created a beautiful space that just keeps getting better and better. 

I am thankful for the help of my talented cousin who helped fill spaces, decorated, and brought extra love into our space. My husband who put endless hours of work, money, late nights, and creativeness into my business. Lastly, my wild kids who spend hours running around, painting, and being patient with us while we worked. 

I have always said, "I am proud of my business" I would not be here today without all the help and support. To our amazing customers that love our store, give us compliments, and support us - we are thankful for YOU!

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